with international attendance


Subotica, 11th14th May 2014

By decision of the Health Council of Serbia no. A-1-798/14 from 01 April In 2014, the lecturer at the Congress gets 15 points, for oral presentation 13 points, the poster presentation 11 points and for passive participation 9 points



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Welcome to 14th congress of physiatrists of Serbia
 with international attendance
to be held in Subotica from 11th to 14th May 2014

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are honored, on behalf of the Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Serbia , welcome your participation in the 14th Congress physiatrists of Serbia with international attendance, which will be held in Subotica from 11 - 14 May 2014. The Congress will be held under the title: Teamwork in rehabilitation.

Our conferences are organized each year and traditionally gather physiatrists, rheumatologists, orthopedic surgeons, pediatricians, child surgeons, neurosurgeons, cardiologists, neurologists and other members of rehabilitation teams. Goal is to display and exchange scientific achievements, professional news, knowledge and experience, all in order to increase our knowledge in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation, and for improvement of the health of our patients. This year, for the first time, included other members of the rehabilitation team who are doctors, engineers, therapists, psychologists, speech therapists, social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other medical technicians who work in rehabilitation.

This year's Congress was organized by the Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Serbia. All papers have undergone a review of the Scientific Board and will be published in full in the journal "Balneoclimatology" .

Works in form of oral and poster presentations will be displayed on this year's congress. Plenary lectures from the most eminent speakers from Serbia, European Union and other countries will take place, with number of invited lecturers covering the areas of physical medicine and rehabilitation of Congress.

In addition to teamwork in rehabilitation, this year we expect to hear about the role of a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, rehabilitation of patients with severe physical disability and also with complex special needs that require attention of a specialist multi-professional team led from PRM .

Topics cover news in physical activity and treatment of sports injuries in children, treatment of patients with chronic pain, rehabilitation of cancer patients. New technologies in neurorehabilitation. will take a significant part in the Congress .

Set of sponsored lectures and symposia will further expand our clinical knowledge and experience and improve our skills in the rehabilitation of ill and injured .

Positive experiences from previous congresses guarantee that you will refresh your knowledge in various fields of rehabilitation.

Welcome to the 14th Congress of physiatrists of Serbia, dedicated to teamwork in rehabilitation !



President of the Organizational Board

Prof. Milica Lazovic, MDPhD


President of the Scientific Board

Prof. Ivana Petronic - Markovic, MDPhD



Prof. Slavica Djukic - Dejanovic, MDPhD
Minister of health of the Republic of Serbia

Prof. Tomislav Jovanovic, MDPhD
Minister of education of the Republic of Serbia

Perisa Simonovic, MD, MS
State secretary for the Ministry of health
of the Republic of Serbia

Prof. Berislav Vekic, MDPhD
State secretary for the Ministry of health of
the Republic of Serbia

Prof. Radoje Colovic, MDPhD, President of SLD

Prof. Gordana Nikolic, MDPhD

Prof. Krsta Vranic, MDPhD

Prof. Vukasin Mihajlovic, MDPhD

Prof. Vladislava Vesovic-Potic, MDPhD

Prof. Zivojin Conic, MDPhD

Prof. Zoran Kojovic, MDPhD



Prof. Ivana Petronic-Markovic, MDPhD, President